Orange Grove Farm

Orange Grove Farm’s deed was granted in 1856. It has been home to the Casben family since 1970. Over that time it has operated as a tourist operation for bush dances and BBQs. The bush dances have finished but the historic barn, built in the late 1800's, is bursting with memorabilia. Spend a little time in the past exploring.

The farm also has a breeding program of Black Angus cattle and enjoys the company of many farm animals including donkeys, horses, sheep,
a milking cow, geese, ducks, and chooks. 

This poem was written by the late Farmer John. His passion and love for Orange Grove Farm is evident and gives you a taste of the farm's beauty. 

" Where tall timbers stand ‘neath the mountains high
A little farm is nestled with a river running by
The pioneer cottage homestead
The stately English oak
If you stop and listen you’ll be reminded of the folk

Who came to this land to live and love and toil
And leave to us a heritage that we must never spoil
Yes, stay a while and listen
Spend a little time in the past
You’ll take away a memory that will forever last
For the cottage and the oak tree
A million tales can tell
Of the families who have lived here
Those born and those that fell
Of the many years of struggle
To earn a living from the land
So those years must be remembered
For our children to understand"

Farmer John